Alliance condition

Agree on company's charter affiliate philosophy.

Agree on company’s management mode.
Compliance with marketing policy and market regulations.
With good economic power and business reputation.
With good business idea and social relations.
Owning shop or store counter on place like core business district, walking street, shopping centre, shopping malls etc.
With industry experience, familiar with the local market.
Owning fixed office space and office equipment.

Alliance Policy

Stores must be approved & assessed by the company staff.
Authority for single store only, multi-stores need multi authority.
Annual sales rebate policy.

Terminal shelf support policy.

Alliance Support

Brand Support

◎  Sharing WINPARD brand resources and brand value.

◎  Sharing WINPARD brand media advertising.

◎  According to the characteristics of different markets, WINPARD brand do diverse & selective public media promotion.

Image Support

◎  Terminal image implement uniformly the company's "VI image recognition system."

◎  Store decoration implement uniformly the company's store decoration "SI space design system."

◎  Corporate image videos will be provided.

◎  From time to time publish the "business guide" and other advertorial promotion.

Marketing Support

◎  Sales Department of company send staff from time to time to assist customers in the market management , development and maintenance.

◎  Channel Support Department of company from time to time send staff to assist clients with terminal operator training and display guidance of terminal products.

◎  Hold marketing activities in accordance with the characteristics of different regions, such as the title sponsorship activities, etc.

◎  Offer different kinds of promotion to meet the needs of different region.

◎  Make targeted “marketing plan” according to different holidays.

◎  Offer free design & production of activity materials, such as gum, light box film, X-Chin planes, DM single page, hanging flags, banners, etc.

◎  Offer O2O promotion service to authorized stores via WINPARD Wechat Platform.