WINPARD Logo depicts “the side image of leopard” and “the posture of opening mouth”, the logo appearance is square but the opening mouth is round, with combination of round and square, the pleasing rhythm mixes inflexibility and yielding. The brief and integral construction demonstrates the grand atmosphere.

The integral construction can see the flow changes which the line is from the even line to arc, not to stick to formal style, which symbolize our brand follows scientific standard and develops healthily, also possesses comprehensive flexibility, and adjusts according to the change of the times.

WINPARD means “Victory Leopard” in English, The Square Logo contains round elements and have genial character. The integral logo is neat and vivid, and has principle and flexibility which can meet the needs of modern life.

Image system embodies the style characteristics of WINPARD brand of modern feeling, high-quality fashionable life, combined with the leopard spirit, highly deduced the comprehensive WINPARD brand.